Granite Specifications


Granite, a porous material, will absorb liquids that are left on the surface for more than 15-20 minutes.


Highly acidic substances such as orange juice, coffee and wine (as well as some oils) will corrode sensitive stones and leave dull marks if left on the surface for more than 20 minutes.  Those marks can be removed using special stain sponges! Granite will absorb water, but eventually it will evaporate without leaving any trace of damage.


Granite is scratch resistant but NOT scratch proof.  Repetitive exposure to high heat on the surface will result in it weakening and becoming more prone to scratch.


Quarrying is a form of polishing that gives granite its shine. The shine is permanent and does not require extensive maintenance.  There are additional finishes, such as leathered and honed, that are not intended to shine.


The best way to clean granite is with warm soapy water. It is best to avoid any harsh chemicals or highly acidic household cleaners.  Re-sealing granite is encouraged every couple of years depending on what style of stone was purchased.


Granite is heat resistant, however, it will adjust to the outside temperature. For example, if you placed a hot pan on your counter-top, it will reflect temperature and the counter-top will become hot. Be careful!