Fun Facts

What’s in a Name

Did you know? The word “granite” comes from the Latin “granum,” a coarse grain. Granite forms a major part of the Earth’s continental crust.  It comes in many different colors, due to the composition of minerals within the different stones. No two slabs are alike, making each counter-top something completely......Read More

Around the World

Granite is found all over the world and is one of the most common rocks in the Earth’s crust. Some of the most common areas where granite is harvested include Brazil, Norway, India, Spain and the United States. Italy The best finishing equipment is in Italy; they use the......Read More

Did You Know?

Granite is a natural source of radiation, containing 10-20 uranium parts per million. The first commercial railroad in the U.S. was the “Granite Railway” of Quincy, Massachusetts.  It was built to haul granite. The Statue of Liberty stands on a pedestal made of granite. New Hampshire is known as......Read More

Granite Specifications

Absorbency Granite, a porous material, will absorb liquids that are left on the surface for more than 15-20 minutes. Stains Highly acidic substances such as orange juice, coffee and wine (as well as some oils) will corrode sensitive stones and leave dull marks if left on the surface for......Read More

What Affects the Price?

Natural granite prices are unlimited! So what makes one slab more expensive than another? Try to remember the three “C’s”: Country (of Origin) Depending on the overall economic health of the country, the local labor costs will vary. The higher the labor costs, the more expensive the granite becomes.......Read More

What Granite Names Mean

Most granite color names are Italian.  Here is the key to understanding them: ITALIAN WORD ENGLISH TRANSLATION MINERAL Azzuro/Azul Blue Bianco/Blanco White Calcite, Dolomite, Quartz Bordeaux Burgundy Breccia Broken Pieces Capolavoro Masterpiece Dorado Gold Emperador Emperor Farfalla Butterfly Fiore/Fiorito Flower Giallo Yellow Limonite Luna Moon Madura Mellow/Ripe Negro Black......Read More