Our Team

Val Ribeiro

Val began his career in stone in Brazil. He left the country on a soccer visa, playing in Southern Europe – Spain, France and Italy. By the time he moved to Boston, Massachusetts, Val spoke five languages. He met his wife, Rose, and married. They have three children. With more than 400 stone fabricators in Boston, Val fled to Richmond, Virginia, where there were only 40. With less competition, Val enjoys being able to create the best possible product for his customers. He continues to play soccer socially.


Emilio Peiro
Manager of outside sales

I am from Valencia, Spain. Valencia is well known for its Mediterranean cuisine, oranges and marble. Everything in Valencia, from walls and steps to kitchen counter tops is made from marble. Marble is a distinctive part of Spanish culture. Soccer is another signature of Spain. I grew up playing soccer, became a professional player at a young age, and later came to the United States to spread the culture of soccer here. For several years I was 3d assistant coach of UVA soccer team in Charlottesville, Va. Cooking is another hobby of mine, and I have a restaurant downtown Richmond (Emilio’s). At Absolute Stone Design I am the director of outside sales. This lets me implement my inherited love for natural stone. I love helping our customers to find the best possible solution for their renovation quests. And every day I enjoy working with the beautiful stone we showcase at our location, and with the wonderful team we have at the office.